Year Two

by Vanden Dool

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released May 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Vanden Dool Lethbridge, Alberta

Synthpop out of the Canadian prairies.

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Track Name: Him Over Me
[Verse 1]
I don't believe you
When you say that you don't know the way I felt
How could you not see the signs?
And I can't forgive you
For the way you left my heart to melt
And how you made me lose my mind

How could you choose him over me?
There's nothing in him that I can see
And I still want you, but all you ever gave me was pain
And I miss you, but I never want to see you again
Oh, this isn't where I wanted us to be

[Verse 2]
How could you let this
Get so far that I thought I had a chance
And not even mention him at all?
I won't forget this
I tried to give you love but you crushed it in your hands
And threw it out like a broken doll

[Repeat Chorus]

Couldn't you tell what I said, what I did meant something?
And if we were just friends, we were close; why did you say nothing?
You didn't even give me a chance to show all I could give
And you'll never know the life we could have lived

[Repeat Chorus]

Couldn't you tell what I sad, what I did meant something?
If we were friends why did you say nothing?
This isn't where I wanted us to be
Track Name: So I'll Stay
[Verse 1]
Waiting in my home alone
Hating that every day is the
Same thing when no one's around
Finding that this house is so
Binding, but outside is so
Blinding when I don't come out

Some days I would just like to go
Somewhere with everyone else but
Everyone has gone away, so I'll stay
Home where nothing excites me and
Nothing really delights me but
Everyone's away, so I'll stay

[Verse 2]
Pacing in the basement and
Facing this monotony
Racing time just waiting around
Finding that this house is so
Binding, but outside is so
Blinding when I don't come out


[Verse 1 Reprise]
Waiting in my home alone
Hating that every day is the
Same thing when no one's around

[Chorus X2]

Everyone's away, so I'll stay
Track Name: What's It Like
[Verse 1]
What's it like, what's it like when she loves you?
Does it make the pain disappear?
What's it like, what's it like when she holds you?
Does it bring you joy knowing that she's near?
I still wish that I could take your place
I still wish I could feel her embrace

And I wish I knew the answer
To why it always ends this way
Why everybody runs away from me
But now that you have her
I'll stay here by myself
But I won't wish you well

[Verse 2]
What's it like, what's it like when she kisses you?
'Cause I'll never know how it feels
Does it feel like a rush going through you?
Does it feel like nothing else is real?
While everyone is finding someone else
I'm always left alone by myself

[Chorus 2X]
Track Name: How Many Years
[Verse 1]
I've waited such a long time
I'm slowly losing my mind
What good is all my love if
If no one ever wants it?

[Pre-Chorus 1]
I used to think someone for me must be somewhere
But I'm starting to believe that she's not there
I just want someone who really cares but no one's there

How many years does it have to take?
How many tears do I have to make?
How many fears do I have to face?
How many years until it doesn't ache?

[Verse 2]
The only thing that I know
Is I'm tired of being all alone
And I don't care if I'm wrong
I've waited for too long

[Pre-Chorus 1]


[Pre-Chorus 2]
I wish I could be happy on my own
Loneliness is all I've ever known
But I need someone with me and I don't want to be alone

Track Name: Who I Am
[Verse 1]
Look into my eyes
Tell me, what am I?
Tell me what you see
What's inside of me?

[Chorus 1]
Sometimes I wonder if I want to know
Who I really am behind this show
I always try and fail to impress everyone
And by then, who I used to be is gone

[Verse 2]
What have I become?
Have I come undone?
Where do I go now?
Can you tell me how?

[Chorus 2]
I guess I'm just not who I want to be
Maybe I just don't want to be me
Or maybe I need someone who likes who I am
But I don't know if anybody can

[Bridge x3]
I've tried to be somebody else
So much that I can't see me for myself
Or maybe who I want to be
Is the only thing that I want to see
Track Name: Madman
[Verse 1]
When you say anything
All we hear is nothing
But ramblings of insanity
Why'd you leave everything
You used to be for something
That stripped you of your humanity? And left you

Raving like a madman
And what good does it do
To shun everyone that you loved because they don't agree?
Raving like a madman
And what good will it be
If it turns out your God isn't real will you really be free?

[Verse 2]
Nobody truly knows
What is there and what is not
Stop telling us that you know the truth
The man you were years ago
You buried him and let him rot
But I confess that he was better than you, and now you're


How thoroughly they washed your brain
Could you just have an original though again?
You seem to claim it's love you teach
But spite for all opposed is what you preach

Track Name: Stay Away
[Verse 1]
I should have known you'd find a way to break my heart
But hope had left me blind
I should have known that you would tear my life apart
But you were the best that I could find

I thought with you, the worst was all behind me
Now everything I see of you reminds me
That what I have will never be the same as what I need
And you show no emotion as you leave me here to bleed

So just stay away from me
Just stay away from me
Just stay away from me
Just stay away from me

[Verse 2]
Did you know that you meant everything to me?
Or did you even care?
In the end, you're just another broken dream
And I can't take back what was there



[Verse 3]
Thought you were perfect, you were everything and more
I guess that didn't matter to you
You were just the girl that I was looking for
You made me think that I could be with you, it wasn't true


[Ad Libs]
Track Name: La Sylphide
[Verse 1]
Her skin is pale as a ghost
And hair darker than the blackest night she boasts
With curious eyes of staring green
I was eager to see all that they have seen

La Sylphide, je t'aime et je te hais
Ma Sylphide, je t'aime mais je te hais

[Verse 2]
She is a spirit haunting me
Not an angel, not a demon; something in between
Her presence left me hypnotized
I was hers and I thought she would be mine


[Verse 3]
Now she is a memory
An unattainable dream of what could have been
If only I had realized
The Sylphide is a trickster with secrets that she hides


La Sylphide, aime-moi sil vous plais
Ma Sylphide, aime-moi sil vous plais...
Track Name: Forget
Don't forget me, just forget who I was