Year One

by Vanden Dool

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A collection of all my original music released in the first year of my "career" as an artist.


released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Vanden Dool Lethbridge, Alberta

Synthpop out of the Canadian prairies.

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Track Name: Somewhere
[Verse 1]
Another lonely day
The clouds won't go away
'Cause I'm still on my own
But there must be someone for me somewhere
This world can be unkind
And love is hard to find
It hurts to be alone
'Cause there must be someone for me somewhere

And if we meet, our lives would be a little better
The world we see would disappear when we're together
We'd wish the nights we spent alone would last forever
But it wouldn't matter just as long as we're together

[Verse 2]
The days are passing by
And I keep wondering why
These clouds will never go
'Cause there must be someone for me somewhere
I hope someday I find
The woman who'll be mine
And if we ever say "Hello"
Then I'd know there's someone for me somewhere

[Chorus X2]
Track Name: (Summer's Better) In the Night
There's nothing here to see
And the summer heat is killing me
I'll stay under the shade
And wish the sun would go away
But night is coming soon
I can see the glowing of the moon
And as the sky grows dark
I can finally see the stars

The heat has gone away
Along with all the light of day
A hundred people, maybe more
They all know what the night is for
They've come to see a show
I hear the music and decide to go
And we don't wonder why
The night makes us feel so alive

The sun's gone down and all its searing heat is gone
And we wish that we could stay up until the dawn
We hear the music and we watch the starry sky
And there's no question summer's better in the night
Track Name: Another Man
Nobody talk to me or ask me how I am
Because the girl I love is with another man
I'm fine for now but pretty soon I'll be a wreck
Hope I don't see him or I might just break his neck

My friends are gonna tell me, "Find another girl
There's plenty other pretty women in the world"
But I don't care because they wouldn't be the same
They won't satisfy me, they would only ease the pain

I'm not gonna be alright, I have no one to hold tight
Gonna think of her all night, 'cause all of this seems so unfair to me

I've been a loser all my life, I guess it's just my luck
This wouldn't be the first time life has treated me like muck
But all the same, I'd like to hang my head and cry
I guess God doesn't care, 'cause not a raindrop's in the sky

I'm not gonna be OK, but I could never get my way
Gonna think of her all day, 'cause I'll be as unhappy as can be

She thinks of everyone but me, and that's what makes me sad
Don't tell me to move on, because I still want her so bad
My optimism's dead because I let it die
I won't find someone else so I won't even try
Track Name: Goodbye for Now
I wish you were here, I wish that I could find you where you are
Because I am so afraid I won't see you again
It's been so long since last time I saw you face to face
But now all I have is pictures and it's not the same

Not a day goes by without me missing you
And every day I wish you missed me too

Goodbye to you, goodbye for now
And maybe someday I'll see you again somewhere somehow
I know it wouldn't be for long
But I'd feel much better than the days since you've been gone

I know that you don't want anything to do with me
But there is no one in the world that I want more
But I know of all of the places you could be
That I'm never going to find you waiting at my door

And if it weren't for me then we might still be friends
Instead it's ripped a hole that I can never seem to mend

Because without you I feel so alone
And there's no one like you anywhere I go
And I've always wished that you'd come back since you've been gone
Because you're everything I want
Track Name: The Words to Say
[Verse 1]
Can anyone hear me?
Is anyone listening anymore?
I feel I've been silent far too long
And I don't want to be ignored

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Are you deaf from the silence, can you hear me now?
Don't walk away, I'll find the words somehow

[Chorus 1]
I'm sure that there's something I want to tell you
I just can't find the words to say

[Verse 2]
My mind is a blank slate
Can't seem to find what to say to you
Maybe I need some inspiration
But there seems to be nothing I can use

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Give me a word and I might go from there
I can't find anything from anywhere

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
I wish that I could find just a word or two
Before everyone has walked away

[Pre-Chorus 1]

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
Track Name: Isn't It Funny
Isn't it funny how love kills you on the inside?
How it breaks you until you've run out of tears to cry
Makes you think she's all you want but you'll never have her
And you'd rather die than feel the pain

Isn't it funny how love makes you such an optimist?
Tells you she'll be yours until she becomes your only wish
And you're so high that when you fall, your bones turn to dust
And you don't want to love again

And all you can say is, "Why, oh why can't she love me?
Why, oh why does no one love me?
Why did I think I had a chance
When someone else has joined the dance?"

Isn't it funny how love kills you on the inside?
And you won't beat him no matter how hard you try
And as you realize you'll never have her
You can't see past all the rain
No, you can't see past all the rain
And you'd rather die than feel the pain