The Ghosts Are Screaming EP

by Vanden Dool

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released October 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Vanden Dool Lethbridge, Alberta

Synthpop out of the Canadian prairies.

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Track Name: Kill the Shepherd
I kill'd the shepherd: cut his throat
And hung him from his tree.
Such was my revenge for the priz'd
Sheep he took from me.

Long have I yearn'd for this lamb,
A length more so than he;
Yet the creature recognized
Not my coaxing deeds.

Thus the sheep did join my rival,
Heeding not my woe;
And thus did she chill my warm heart
Til it was cold as snow.

Now I care not for this sheep;
All my love she spurr'd
Til it distorted into hate
For shepherd and for her.

Thus did I intrude his rest
And proclaim to his face,
"Thou hast robb'd me of my joy;
I shall your life erase!"

The wretched man responded so,
"This lamb was never thine;
Spare me your revenge unsound
And let me keep what's mine."

Thus did I produce the knife
I hid within my coat
And fought the shepherd til the blade
Had reach'd his trembling throat.

I felt the steel make a canyon
Of his flesh and blood
Until my foe would try in vain
To stop the crimson flood.

As he lay there growing pale,
I came toward his sheep
And plung'd the knife into her belly,
Sowing what she reap'd.

Thus did my own passion drive
My sanity astray,
As rage enticed me to visit
Bedlam on that day.
Track Name: Finally the Dawn
The sun is rising
The ghosts are hiding
The demons shaking
The angels waking

The light is eating
The darkness fleeting
The shadows cower
From Daylight's power